Scale Your Practice Through Value-Based Care

Be proactive, not reactive.

Scale Your Practice Through Value-Based Care

We are an MSO that empowers our physician partners to succeed in the near-term and over time. We help you achieve this by identifying near-term opportunities inside your practice’s footprint, applying improved solutions for today’s needs, creating and executing business solutions for growth, and applying opportunities and options for scale as Truest Health grows.

How Truest Health Partners Succeed

Greater Near-Term Individual Success

Improved Practice Efficiency


Viable Long-Term
Exit Options

Who Is Truest Health?

By partnering with SCALE Healthcare, Truest Health Partners are empowered to succeed in the near-term, and over-time.

Truest seeks relationships with Providers who seek:
  • To achieve sustainable growth
  • To improve daily practice performance
  • Create business leverage to improve ROI
    • – Value-based care
    • – Medicare Advantage
    • – Traditional payment models
    • – Add-on services
  • Simplify daily & ongoing management
  • Create owner exit options
Truest seeks relationships with Providers who seek:
  • Identifying near-term  opportunities inside a practice’s footprint
  • Applying improved solutions for today’s needs
  • Creating and executing business solutions to grow over-time
  • Applying opportunities & options to scale practices as Truest grows

Improve Patient Outcomes
and Satisfaction

Truest Health helps our partner physicians optimize their practice through four key areas: practice optimization, alternative payor reimbursement, implementing economies of scale, and forming strategic partnerships.

Practice Optimization
• Infusion
• Marketing
• RCM services
• Ancillary creation
• Allied site coverage
• Coding and compliance
• Operations optimization

Alternative Payor
• Reimbursement
• Clinical trials
• Centers of care
• Risk optimization
• Care management

Economies of Scale
• Self-insure
• Full-risk contracts
• Employee benefits
• Outsource support
• Direct payor contracting
• Internal staffing agency

Strategic Partnerships
• Urgent care
• Hospitals
• Specialty care
• Worker’s comp
• Corporate care
• Nursing home/ALF
• Residency programs
• Allied health providers
• Post-acute care centers

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